Thursday, November 10, 2011

LRT Uptown Routing Change

I've said in the past that the Uptown loop was an awkward compromise. Back in June, Regional Councillor Strickland (to the dismay of Waterloo City Councillor Scian) challenged the suitability of the route alignment-- in particular the Erb St. counterflow hook that the North-bound line would make-- and pushed for an amendment to review this decision. The city was incensed, because they endorsed the existing 2009 plan.

** Edit: Ms. Scian has clarified that the City reacted to not being consulted on this proposal. Read her comment below.

Well, what a difference a few months make. Region staff engaged the citizenry and the city and proposed some fairly significant alterations (link note: see page 12 onward).
  • Move the Northbound connection to the existing rail spur that crosses the parking lot north of Waterloo Town(e) Square (by sharing track, an option we believed was impossible in 2009)
  • Move the Northbound station off King and onto the spur, next to the public square
  • Create a new station at King and Allen
  • Move the Southbound tracks from east side of Caroline to west.