Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A year of Waterloons

Didn't even notice it go by. A year of Waterloons.

Erin and I set this up in March 2011, to talk about our combined local interests. I've had perhaps more to say, but it's interesting to note that one of Erin's posts is the second most popular.

A year ago, we were in the thick of a community debate on LRT. My motivation was to have an outlet I could express (and sometimes sort out) my thoughts on those issues, but we both agreed there were plenty of interesting topics beyond just transit: urbanism, sustainable development, art and gardening have all graced these pages.

The culmination of the LRT discussion was in June, when with Erin's support I gave regional council our story and our support for the project. On the eve of the vote, I wrote up some reflections (titled, unsurprisingly, Reflections on the Eve) which Mike Farwell, then with 570 News, used as his opening for his radio show the following day.

In it, I made a point-- to others, sure, but really to myself-- that LRT has galvanized civic engagement, and there are some of us who it brought into the public discourse. And now that we were here, we could remain engaged.

It's something that I've kept in mind since then. I've been in touch with the city and regional councils about more issues than just LRT, and I'm now contributing some of my time to TriTAG. Twitter has put me in touch with a pretty wide assortment of like-minded (and sometimes not) people, as well as a number of our councilors.

So, that's a year (and change). Thanks for reading, and here's to another year!

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