Thursday, May 10, 2012

North Waterloo Tidbits

The region has passed its staff recommendations to create proper cycling lanes for Bridge St. between Northfield and Lexington, including eliminating the southbound turn lane at Lexington.

The city appears to have passed the zoning changes requested for building a new plaza at Bridge and Northfield.

And today, while cycling up Davenport, I had a brief chat with a construction worker about the curious new pole they've installed... in the northbound lane. Traffic is, of course, being diverted around it. Turns out that this is the start of roundabout work at Davenport and Old Abbey. Which should fix the horror they made of the cycling lane there.

Edit: The Record's picked up on the pole oddity. The picture is hilarious.

1 comment:

  1. I'd just like to take some credit for badgering the Region for 2 years on the Bridge St. (North of Lexington) unofficial status of the bike lanes! So happy to hear it went through (I was out of country during the final vote, so couldn't be there). Can't wait to see those no-parking signs.