Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Confessions of a blogger

I had the very unique privilege of hearing the previous post read out loud by Mike Farwell on 570 News today (podcast link here). Mike approached me on Twitter last night asking if he could borrow parts of it. It was a surprise to hear him read it verbatim and credit it on air!

So, now my confessions:

1. I laboriously thumb-typed the whole damn thing on my phone while watching hockey and assuring my partner in Loonage, Erin, that I was "literally almost done" at least three times. Welcome to the creative process! Perhaps it's true that being forced to slow down results in a better end product.

2. I'm really regretting, as the readership numbers are climbing, that I didn't finish the LRT primer whose first two parts I wrote two months ago. It feels like failing to keep your house clean when all your friends drop over unexpected.

Wow, what a day! Thanks Mike, and thanks to the other retweeters. It's a funny feeling, when you strike a chord. It resonates.

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